Introduced in:

Episode 17 (though he was mentioned in episode 1)







Blazeman is Blaze's father.

Background storyEdit

Blazeman is the guy responsible for Blaze's existance. Shaking my head.


His Pokémon are revealed in episode 44, they are: Swampert, Salamence, Metagross, Umbreon, Tyranitar and Poliwrath.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

He was first mentioned in episode 1, when Blazegirl was talking to Blaze in the phone.

His first appearance was episode 17, although it was just a dream, in that dream Blazeman was murdered by Doom and Frank asked Blaze to go back in time and stop that murder from happening, which Blaze did in episode 29.

In episode 44, 38-version of him was shown in the past. Later the same episode, the present Blazeman stopped Giovanni from killing the 9-year old version of Blaze.

In episode 135, he sent a message to Blaze and told him he's invited to spend Christmas with him.

He appears in a flashforward in episode 137, in that episode Blaze is sad. He spent Christmas and new years day with his family and Kevin in episodes 146, 147, 149 and 150.