Detective Sherfman

Introduced in:

Episode 69






Police Detective

Signature Pokémon:


Detective Sherfman is a police detective who trusts Blaze.

Background storyEdit


So far the only Pokémon of his shown so far is Mightyena.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

Blaze met Detective Sherfman in episode 69, in that episode Blaze wanted to get a murderer justice. In episode 71, Detective Sherfman arrested Detective Dickwad.

In episode 159, he along with his partner Detective Earl were solving a murder case.

In episode 173, Detetective Sherfman was solving another murder case, this time it was Freddy Krueger who was the murderer. In episode 174, he believed that Blaze was accused of a crime he didn't commit, so he helped Paul prove him innocent. In episode 178 he was one of the people who no longer wanted Blaze since Hartin became the new hero, but became his friend again by the end of the same episode. He told Blaze about the soul thief in episode 179.

In episode 182, he was surprised that Blaze left without saying goodbye. He tells Blaze everything bad that happened in episode 195.

In episode 199 he refused to help breaking Blaze out of jail since he could lose his job. In an alterative timeline, he steals in episode 201. In episode 202 he had to deal with a criminal Charmeleon. In episode 204 he told Blaze that he couldn't do anything about Father Devilfer since he's above the law. In episode 206 he made an appearance in Blaze's nightmare.

In episode 211 he didn't recgonize Blaze at all.