Introduced in:

Episode 16






The leader of the PSA.

Signature Pokémon:


Frank is the leader of the PSA, a secret agency that's like the FBI of the Pokémon World.

Background storyEdit


So far his only Pokémon shown is Alakazam.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

His first appearance was in episode 16, in that episode he explained to Blaze and Kevin that he has a job for them. In episode 17 he told them that he wants them to go back in time and stop Blazeman's death. He promised he'd reward them, however in episode 30 he didn't keep the promise, and told Blaze and Kevin to fuck off.

In episode 81, Frank used his Alakazam to hypnotize the members of the PSA to search every apartment in the Pokémon world, which they did in episode 82. In episode 84 Elliot warned him that he's doing a mistake, Frank didn't listen, but Elliot proved to him that he was right. In the same episode Frank killed Doom's Houndoom, and attempted to kill Doom, but failed. He married Blazegirl in episode 85.