Introduced in:

Episode 33 (cameo), Episode 44 (official)


Formerly 77. (now deceased)




Formerly the leader of Team Rocket.

Signature Pokémon:


Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket.

Background storyEdit


He uses many Pokémon, his signature Pokémon is Mewtwo.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

He made a cameo appearance in episode 33. In his first official appearance, episode 44, he attempted to kill the 8-year old version of Blaze.

In episode 64, Will Smith battles him, after realizing how bad Giovanni really is.

He also went to a meeting with other gang leaders, Maxie, Archie and Cyrus in episode 83. He helped Cyrus out in episode 90.

He broke Mr. X out of jail in episode 101, and in episode 105 he told him his evil plans.

After Blaze realized what he was going to do he went to stop him. He fought Owl who also wanted to stop him in episode 113.

He killed Santa Claus at the end of episode 137. After hearing about what happened to Santa, Austin fought Giovanni in episode 144.

In episode 151, Elliot, Maxie, Paul, Blaze and Kevin talked about how Giovanni was aiming for world domination by acitivating a machine on Groudon Isle. Which he almsot did in episode 164, but Blaze killed him.

In episode 186 he returned as a zombie and made Dr. Namba the leader of Team Rocket and convinced Mr. X to quit.