Introduced in:

Episode 8






Retired. (Formerly the leader of Team Magma.)

Signature Pokémon:


Maxie was the leader of Team Magma, until he retired. When he retired he was replaced by Meister.

Background storyEdit


lthough Groudon is his signature Pokémon, he has used Pokémon like Camerupt and Moltres.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 9, Maxie fought against Zaphrix. In episode 10, he offers Blaze and Kevin to view around the city, but when Blaze rents a movie Maxie is not happy with that and fires him. Maxie re-hires him in episode 11, and tells him to blow up a factory. In episode 12 Blaze and Kevin tell Maxie that Archie is ok with that.

In episode 26, Maxie offers Blaze and Kevin a ride to Umbonga Island. In episode 27, Gyarados attacks the boat, and the ship arrives and Umbonga Island in episode 27.

In episode 49 Maxie calls Blaze and tells him his old apartment now belongs to him. Blaze calls Maxie in episode 50 and tells him that he's lonely. In episode 56 he along with Doryan fight against Cassidy & Butch.

In episode 82, PSA agents go after him. In episode 83, he meets Giovanni and Archie, along with Cyrus.

In episode 91, Maxie fought Archie.

In episode 151, Maxie tells Blaze that Giovanni is up to no good and has plans for world domination. In episode 152 Maxie begins a meeting to let them know he is leaving. He gets a boat in episode 153 and goes with Blaze to stop Giovanni. He's on his way to Groudon Isle to stop Giovanni in episode 154, 156, 162 and 163. He arrives at the island in episode 164.

In episode 166 he is stuck in 2112 along with Blaze, but gets back to present day in episode 167. In episode 168 he helps Blaze to get his Raichu back. In episode 169 he finally moves to a retirement home. In episode 177, he is appearently the only one who still cares about Blaze, and tries to help him get his old life back.

In episode 184 Maxie realizes that Blaze is missing, so he gets help from Alicea, but doesn't trust her at all. They are on their way to find Blaze in episode 187. Maxie and Alicea meet up with Blaze, Gold and Kevin in episode 190, and Maxie wants to help Blaze out with the british guys. They also have a chat in episode 192. In episode 193, Maxie, Blaze, Kevin and Gold have to go back in time to prevent Hitler's death from happening. He went back to his retirement home in episode 195.

In episode 206, he made an appearance in Blaze's nightmare. In episode 207, he wanted to help Archie out who was about to die.

In episode 211 Maxie thinks Blaze is a criminal.