Mr. x

Introduced in:

Episode 51






Professional killer and the leader of Team Rocket

Signature Pokémon:


Mr. X (originally created by TrainerDor) is the leader of Team Rocket, a professional killer and catches Legendary Pokémon. Unlike Owl he doesn't do it fairly.

Background storyEdit


His Pokémon are Legendary Pokémon.His signature pokemon is Deoxys.The ones shown include: Arceus and Heatran.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

His first appearance was in episode 51, in that episode he kidnapped Kevin. In episode 53 he used him as a slave.

Elliot stopped him in episode 61.

Giovanni broke him out of prison in episode 101. He explained to Mr. X what his plans are in episode 105.

Mr. X got Heatran and used it against Blaze in episode 114.

In episode 163 Mr. X has become the leader of Team Rocket, and told Cassidy & Butch to clean up the dishes.

He fired Cassidy & Butch in episode 170.

Giovanni as zombie convinced Mr. X to quit in episode 186.

In episode 210 he stole a jewellery from a museum. Which he used to get unlimited wishes as long as he has a lamp.

In episode 211 he wished that Blaze's Raichu never got hit by a meteor.