Introduced in:

Episode 23






Legendary Hunter

Signature Pokémon:


Owl is a Legendary hunter, who unlike most of them, captures Legendary Pokémon fairly.

Background storyEdit

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His signature Pokémon is Noctowl, other Pokémon of his include Mew, Deoxys, Machamp, Dialga, Kyogre and Metagross.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

His first appearance was episode 23, in that episode Blaze asked him for help, he agreed on helping if he could take back a Pokémon that was stolen from him. Blaze brought it back in episode 25, in that episode Blaze fought Owl and won.

Owl re-challenged Blaze to a Pokémon battle and won in episode 57.

In episode 76, Owl along with his friends Eddie and Ronald attempted to stop Rocketto. In the next episode, 77, they were attacked by delusional fans, in the next episode, 78, The Music Guru saved them. In episode 79 they made a plan to kill Rocketto, in episode 80 they put that plan in action. Unfortuntely in episode 89 they realize that the plan failed.

But after reading the news, Owl, Eddie and Ronald realize that Rocketto is finally dead in episode 93.

In episode 113 Owl fights Giovanni and beats him, but he still has to fight Mr. X. So Owl lets Blaze fight him in episode 114.