This article is about the pilot, for information about the character from the Pokémon anime, see Paul (anime).


Introduced in:

Episode 16






Helicopter pilot

Signature Pokémon:


Paul is Blaze and Kevin's helicopter pilot.

Background storyEdit

Ever since Paul was a kid he always wanted to become a pilot, so he didn't give up. He spend most of his life learning to be a helicopter pilot, despite the fact that his father thought it would be too expensive.


Paul uses Flying-types. His Pokémon include: Tropius, Moltres, Pidgeot, Xatu and more.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 16, Paul took Blaze and Kevin out of jail, and took them to Frank, in that episode he didn't reveal who he was. He again appeared in episode 18, and in episode 19 he flew Blaze and Kevin to Oldale Town. He reveled his name in episode 30.

In episode 32, he fully introduced himself. In episode 37, he invited Blaze, Kevin and Doryan for dinner. In episode 43, Paul gave tickets to Blaze and Kevin. He also helped them out saving the 8-year old version of Blaze in episode 44. He said goodbye to Blaze and Kevin in episode 45.

He met Blaze and Kevin again in episode 48, where Blaze told Paul that he doesn't need him anymore. Later the same season, in episode 59 Elliot talked to Paul and Blaze.

He arrived at Mr. X's hideout in episode 60. In episode 65-66 Paul flew Blaze and Kevin to Doryan to stop the assasniation. In episode 67, Paul told Blaze that he doesn't have a girlfriend either.

In episode 82 the PSA was after him.

He later reappeared in episode 113-114, in those episodes he came to stop Giovanni. After he heard what happened to the airport in Cinnabar Island, he met Blaze again in episode 119.

In episode 123 Paul told Blaze and Kevin that he wants them to meet his friend, Muddy, the next episode, 124, he introduces them to Muddy. And together Blaze, Kevin, Paul and Muddy go on a journey to stop Cyrus in episode 124-131. After Blaze has defeated Cyrus, or in episode 134, Paul flew Blaze, Kevin and Muddy back to Emerald City.

In episode 151 he had a discussion with Blaze, Kevin, Maxie and Elliot.

In episode 167, he along with Gold, Indiana Jones and Kevin went to the Temple of Erque to pick up Blaze and Maxie. In the next episode, 168, he made short appearance in the beginning, he also called Blaze by the end of the same episode. He appeared in cameo in episode 174.

In episode 198 he helps out a Floatzel and flies Blaze, Kevin and Gold to Sinnoh.

In episode 211 he doesn't regconize Blaze.