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Episode 158







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Sanna is a friend of Blaze and Gold.

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Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 158, Sanna was looking for Blaze, but couldn't find him. He talked to Kevin who told him where he was.

He met Blaze finally in episode 176, in that episode he went with him to the Emerald City Amusement Park, and had to deal with Pete.

In episode 184, he meets Maxie and with help from Alicea decides to get Blaze back. He also makes an appearance in episode 187 where he's in the helicopter on his way to Blaze in Germany. He finally meets up with Blaze in 1940 Germany in episode 190. He realizes how much of a bitch Alicea is in episode 192. In episode 193 he goes back in time to prevent Hitler's death from happening. He goes home with Blaze, Maxie, Kevin and Gold in episode 194. In episode 195 Gold gives Sanna his apartment.

In episode 197 Sanna helps Blaze out to fight the thanksgiving turkeys who came to live and stop Elvin. In episode 200 Sanna helps out trying to break Blaze out of prison. Sanna gets sick after watching a 3-D movie in episode 203. He is disapointed at Father Devilfer in episode 204. In episode 205 Sanna is one of the only three people who didn't turn into a zombie at Elvin's Halloween party, the other two being Blaze and Jon. He isn't able to stop him this time though. In episode 208, Sanna is disapointed in Kevin for not helping Archie out.

In episode 211 he didn't recgonize Blaze at all.