The Team Rocket Brothers

Introduced in:

Episode 180






Members of Team Rocket

Signature Pokémon:

Salamence, Drapion and Garchomp.

The Team Rocket Brothers are terrorists who use their Pokémon for terrorism.

Background storyEdit



Their Pokémon are Garchomp, Drapion and Salamence.

Appearances in Pokémon GangsterEdit

In episode 180, Meister sent Kevin, Blaze and Gold on a mission to stop those terrorists. They were on their way to New York City to destroy it.

In episode 181 they noticed them and turned on the sleeping gas. And they managed to escape to New York City while Kevin, Blaze and Gold were still asleep. In episode 183 they proceed with their plans, and destroy New York City in episode 185. Since Blaze is blamed for that they get away with it and go back home in episode 186. Until episode 194 where Barack Obama realizes that Blaze wasn't the real terrorist but the Team Rocket brothers. They are arrested in episode 195.