In Pokémon Gangster there are a lot of villains. Since Blaze is the hero of Emerald City a lot of people hate him.

Major VillainsEdit


Main article: Elvin

He is now the main villain of Pokémon Gangster. He's a crazy guy who uses dark magic.

Mr. XEdit

Main article: Mr. X

Mr. X is the most hated villain in Pokémon Gangster, he is even hated by other villains. (such as members of Team Rocket) His only known friend is Giovanni.

Cassidy & ButchEdit

Main article: Cassidy & Butch

Cassidy & Butch do a lot of crimes, they even attempted to steal Blaze's Raichu at one point, and even wanted to kill Blaze at one point.

Deceased villainsEdit

Here is a list of villains that used to be major villains but are now dead:


Main article: Giovanni

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket, and has caused a lot of problems. He once attempted to kill the 8-year old version of Blaze, and even aimed for world domination once.


Main article: Archie

Archie was the leader of Team Aqua, and often helped out Alicea.


Main article: Alicea

Alicea was the most common villain in Pokémon Gangster, unlike other villains she doesn't hate Blaze but instead wants to have fun with him.

Other villainsEdit


Main article: CyrusHe used to be a major villain, but he hasn't done anything bad lately.

Villains not listed here can be found in the category.